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Our 3-pass predictive data analytics system (PDA) will improve your odds of picking winners.

Step 1

We combine extensive, historical team statistics and meta-data to our adaptive rules engine to determine the likely winners of the game, before the game has been played. The system uses situational and statistical analysis, recent trends, past head to head results, injuries, weather, and coaching matchups to pick winners. Let’s just say if there is an angle that can be exploited in a number the system will find it.


Step 2

We optimize our rules engine by back-testing against decades of historical data AND independently verifying each data input by gene finding, a neural net process which determines how much a given input contributes to the prediction of the outcome. 


Step 3

We compare the PDA's recommendation to the betting lines to determine the largest variance, which identify outliers (i.e. games where the linesmakers are likely wrong). The games where the variance is wide, we catagorize as the 'Recommended' picks.


For serious & professional handicappers looking for that extra edge. 

It’s all about research and data analysis. The best sports handicappers understand the gritty details of the matches they’re betting on. The PDA System can save your many hours of analysis, and help you zero in on the games with the highest odds of winning.


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